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Thread: Signal Booster for Roadtrek 190 for AT&T

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    Signal Booster for Roadtrek 190 for AT&T

    I'm looking for some recommendations for a signal booster/amp for AT&T to go in a RoadTrek 190 for my parents.

    They are kinda cheap so I'm looking for some well rounded ideas. Right now they only have HSPA+ phone but that could change so at least 700mhz would be nice.

    What are some good options? And external antennas?
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    I've used older versions from them and was happy. They are pricey.

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    I noticed this thread and was wondering what someone would recommend for an iPhone 6 (regular 6, NOT the plus just the regular 6).

    I don't care if it's $200 bucks, as long as it works. There are many highways where AT&T shows both Voice and 4G HSPA+ coverage (or LTE) yet on those highways it drops down No Service, back to 1 bar of 4G HSPA, then back to No Service constantly. Or it just flat out has No service for the entire drive (which is nearly 1 hour drive down a small rural highway). AT&T shows it covers the area, but in reality it does not. I imagine with a good signal booster it should be enough to get it at least 1-2 bars, which is good enough for me in rural areas. I just want a signal in rural areas I hated the dread "no service", especially on long rural roads that are 1 hour drives with no signal entire time! Verizon holds a signal 95% of the time on these same rural highways, but it's 1x or 3G. I'd much, much rather have AT&T'S HSPA/HSPA+ data over Verizon's 3G data ANY day! So if a signal booster works, I'll drop Verizon and just keep AT&T.

    I was looking at those signal boosters and noticed that some of the Wilson Cradle boosters advertise "up to 20 times stronger signal", but the "weboost" signal booster doesn't say anything about how much stronger it can make the signal. Is there really a difference between the two? Or are they the same company? As I noticed one of the Wilson boosters said "made by we boost".

    Just any recommendations for an iPhone 6 would be great. ALSO most importantly: I would like to be able to place the signal booster in a place besides on the roof of my car!! Especially in Colorado with the cold and snow, not the best idea. If I get one of those boosters, can I just place it in the back of my car near the window? If it "really works" then the back window should not be enough to block the signal booster, if a window was enough to block it, then there's no way it would work in rural areas with mountains/trees/etc. Has anyone set it up like that -- just putting it in back of car near the window/speak area in back of car where it has enough place to stand up nearly touching the back window? It would be visible through the back window, but at least it would be inside the car not outside the car which is what I want.

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