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Thread: This one is for the managers/owners

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    This one is for the managers/owners

    My boss is crowd sourcing our team for alternatives to our current pay structure. I, personally, have no problems at all with the way we get paid now: it's basically just a graduating percentage of the GP we bring in with spiffs for new activations, PBH, etc. But, the powers that be are looking for something that does a little more to promote new activations, even more than what we're currently working with, and Edge. I can see the benefits there too. What have you guys used or encountered in your wireless adventures that seem to have worked well to this purpose?

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    Want to promote new activations, just add more $$ to the sale of each... give you bonuses for bundles (phone + tab)

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    I pay percentage of GP. Both new lines and Edge profit more so they pay more to the rep. I also have a new line quota in place. Bonuses based on a certain percentage of a category sold are nice too. With in store insurance I require a certain percentage to be attached or no payout on that at all for example.

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