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Thread: Atrix problems

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    Atrix problems

    I hope someone can help me with my problem here. My smartphone fell down hard on the ground and ever since then it is not turning on. There are no visible damages or broken screen. The phone seems to be charging (the green light lights up) but it would not turn on. I tried charging the phone but there is no way of telling what percentage of it is charged. Any suggestions regarding a home remedy or solution? I am hoping that this will not require a hefty repair fee, or worse, the compulsion to buy a new phone. Needless to say, I am also cut off from the world until the phone is repaired. No, I don't have a landline. Thanks.

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    Probably borked.

    1. But I'd try taking out battery & SIM. Press power button (hard but not too hard) for 45 seconds. Let sit for 5 minutes. Again press power button (hard but not too hard) for 45 seconds. Again let sit for 5 minutes. Reassemble, wait a minute & try turning it on.

    Now if that didn't work reread the steps & do it correctly.

    2. Now if that didn't work this next would the last thing I'd try. In above before reassembling, this is whacked I know, I'd tap the phone from all different sides in my hand & palm (no hard surfaces) for 5-10 minutes. Wait 5 minutes & reassemble, try turning it on.

    3. Do steps 1 & 2 again. In step 2 substitute a magazine on a hard surface for hand & palm.

    Laugh if you want, I would. But that's what I'd do & have done. Step 1 has worked for me a couple times. Don't think step 2 & 3 have ever worked for me.
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