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Thread: nokia 635?

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    I wonder if that setting would show up if I had it on a service that provided LTE, like GoPhone for example? It may be just one of the slight differences between the TMobile and AT&T versions.

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    Glad to hear I'm not losing my mind, as like Ten Four, there's no menu for connection speed under 'SIM'. These are Cricket 635s that I got for my relatives when I moved several lines over.

    The one person lives in a rural area and the phone indicates 4G LTE, but if there's only three bars, any incoming calls do not ring and go to voicemail.

    So I thought I would try lowering their max connection speed down to 3G, as voice worked fine previously with as little as one bar, and it now seems to require a much stronger signal.

    Makes no sense to me.

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