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Thread: %*#$%&@$ Sprint's complete incompetence

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    Quote Originally Posted by trupatriot1 View Post
    What just blows me away is how they don't want to spend the money to fix Sprint. Everyone knows they need more coverage. Absolutely everyone. But they're trying to do everything besides add coverage.

    Add the damn sites, fix the coverage, and then customers will come.

    But this 3+ year build of Network Vision, followed by another "18-24" months is just letting the problem languish.

    And the cost to fix it is minimal - especially with vendors willing to finance a chunk of the equipment. Softbank already got a bargain on Sprint due to its status as broken.

    Indeed, they need to get the network right, and the customers WILL come. That has been shown time & time again by the competition, but Sprint keeps taking their eye off the ball and fiddling around with all kinds of marketing nonsense to try to draw in customers. But because their networks just are not able to support the customer experience, they keep falling down again & again & again.

    So everyone has their thoughts on how to deploy the best network to utilize all of the spectrum assets Sprint currently owns, but so far no one has answered the million-dollar question: Given that Sprint totally F'd Up "Network Vision", why does anyone out there expect that they will be able to build a good network now? WHAT HAS CHANGED WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION THAT MAKES ANYONE THINK THEY CAN EVER GET THEIR NETWORK RIGHT?

    Sprint's history for the past 15+ years is one of serial failures. They totally blew Nextel (15,000,000 high-value customers vaporized, along with $29,000,000,000 in shareholder value). They totally blew Clearwire. They totally, TOTALLY blew "Network Vision". They've had three CEOs and two "owners" during that time. So somewhere buried under the steaming pile that is called Sprint, is a nuclear core of incompetence or idiocy that overwhelms all of the good intentions and all of the massive spectrum resources Sprint owns. Until someone can identify how & why "Network Vision" was such a massive failure, and either fix that part of Sprint or find a way to go completely around it, the current effort to fix the network will just be "Network Vision II".

    Before anything can truly be fixed, someone with the knowledge & authority needs to get to that nuclear core and rip & replace it. Oh, and change the name.

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    We were considering Sprint until I noticed that the biggest Joke in the wireless industry and the carrier ranked dead last in everything still charges a $36 activation fee. Even for their non-contracted plans.

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