Hello, I've had my phone for over a year. The phone is great when it comes to reception, even in fringe areas (compared to my old and previous Nokia 6100), but it certainly lacks in other areas.

For starters, I know that phone numbers are not stored on the SIM on this phone (they could be on my old Nokia). Well I have two SIMS; one when I am in North America and another when I am in Europe. We all know the dialing codes are different when in each continent.

So I decided to use the Home and Home 2 and Mobil and Mobil 2 entries available on Outlook, BUT a Google search tells me that all numbers do not appear on the phone (simply incredible...)

Next, this is a Windows Phone, so I expected Windows Explorer to be on it, or at least a basic version of it. My 15 year old HP iPAQ m125 with Win Mobile has it. Unfortunately, from what I read Windows Explorer is only available on a WP 8.1 and there is no update or upgrade for my phone. Furthermore, only certain things can be stored on the micro SD card...go figure.

Needless to say, great phone, but disappointing in so many ways.

Any help / fixes are appreciated.