Last week I came across a random blog post about smartwatch design. I have to admit that the only thing I really paid attention to was a part about notifications being the de facto killer feature for smartwatches.

I'm not sure I agree.

The very first thing I did with my LG G Watch after I unboxed it last summer was choose a watchface; now that I have a Pebble I've at least as many watchfaces as I do proper apps. It may sound obvious but I'm inclined to think that the watchfaces themselves are the defining feature of a smartwatch.

To give you an idea of the utility and style that comes with a really good watchface, here are five of my favourites for the Pebble.

1. World Watch

Name:  watchface-01-world.png
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This will be my watchface when travelling. It also happens to be my vacation schedule for the rest of 2015. #humblebrag

2. Timely

Name:  watchface-02-timely.png
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As utility watchfaces go, it's hard to beat this one for the exhaustive amount of information available on a single, 144 x 168 pixel screen. To be honest, I use this one mostly for the oversized battery indicator.

3. Futura Weather

Name:  watchface-03-futura.png
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For a lot of users the two most pertinent bits of information they seek are (1) the time, and (2) the weather. This watchface gives you both in big, bold characters. I personally tend to not want a temperature reading on my watch, mostly because the go-to weather services don't have accurate data for where I live.

4. Domo

Name:  watchface-04-domo.png
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Where Apple has Mickey Mouse, Pebble has the official Domo-kun watchface from NHK Broadcasting in Japan. If you pay attention there are some subtle and clever animations on this one; I just wish the colours could be inverted.

5. Mac System 3 Chicago

Name:  watchface-05-mac.png
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I always seem to come back to this one... Nevermind that some Android Wear users are actually running Mac OS on their watch, the watchface on its own is good enough for me. I guess I like to think of my Pebble as the anti-Apple watch.