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Thread: Will the BB Q10 work in Europe? Sending phone to family.

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    Question Will the BB Q10 work in Europe? Sending phone to family.


    I have 2 BB Q10s, one is locked to Rogers and the other on AT&T.

    The models are #RFNB1UW and RFL111LW.

    I want to send these to my family in Europe (Bosnia), will the phones work over there? I think their band is GSM so it should work (their cellular network provider is BH Telecom).

    Can the BB Q10s be unlocked?

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    BH uses the following frequencies: GSM 900/GSM 1800/ UMTS 2100

    Based on that it looks like the RFN81UW (SQN100-3) will work but I'm not sure about the RFL111LW (SQN100-1). If it does work it'll probably only work on 2G.

    Don't forget the devices will need to be unlocked before use on other carriers.

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    To use a local SIM card, yes you will have to unlock the phone. If you're active on Verizon, you can call them and explain the situation and they should send you an unlock code at no charge and directions how to unlock the phone.

    If you want to use data, it's probably best to ask Verizon how much their International plan might be for the length of time you'll be there. This is just because most of the pre-paid SIM cards in Europe/Asia don't include data services at all. Most of it is at the post-paid (contract) level and it doesn't sound like you'll be there long enough for a contract.
    For more details refer to Blackberry Q10 Manual.

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