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    Adding this thread to bring in Freedompop discussions.
    Quick Facts
    Country: USA
    Network Name: Sprint
    Product Name: Freedompop
    Owned by/Major partners: unknown/Sprint
    Technology Used: CDMA/iDEN
    Operational Frequency: (Sprint bands) with LTE
    Prepaid Package Cost: range from FREE (500mb/m) to $15/m (unlimited 3G data)
    Prepaid Package Validity: 30 days from activation
    Dial Up data access: No
    1xRTT access: No
    EV-DO access: No
    Uses a SIM card: Yes
    SIM applications: ?
    Manual included: No
    Refill amounts: 1G, 2G, 4G, 1G unlimited
    Availability: any Sprint area
    Competitors: Nationwide on Sprint

    More In-Depth Information

    Buying: BYOD with plan, or buy phones from them
    The Good:
    BYOD worked great for me.
    The viper is cheap and can be used for hotspot, but IMHO the Galaxy TAB 3 is the best buy.

    The Bad:
    sometimes shipping is flaky if you buy the phone or tablet from Freedompop.

    The Good:
    I love the data, I use Hangouts for all my texting and have my Google number answered by Hangouts.

    The Bad:
    do not bother with the standard VOIP service, the quality is bad if you don't have a great connection but you get 200minutes/m free, don't pay extra.

    They sign you up for one of their Promotional plans by default, but you can downgrade immediately, a downgrade may not show up as downgraded in billing until the next billing period.

    For data I love it, my son uses it for his home internet at only $19/m total cost, I have unlimited data and hotspot on my Tab 3 and Galaxy S4, they are planning on offering a real voice plan soon, hopefully it will be better than the current VOIP plan.

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    Just a note: I have had a freedompop hotspot for awhile, I did not like it as 4G was spotty and it would cost $3.99/m to get 3G access.
    When they added phones I bought the LG Viper to test it for $29. The VOIP service is not very good and the FP texting does not support MMS, but you can get a Google account and use Hangouts with it for texting and VOIP. I have since given it to a friends daughter who loves it because the service is free! Perfect emergency phone for those tweens!
    FP has a thread in the support forums specifically for FP deals, like the iPhone 5 or Google Nexus!
    Support service is very slow but they are working on improving it.

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