Have you been thinking about getting your phone unlocked so you can use it on any GSM network? *If so, know that today is your lucky day. *By filming the process of unlocking your phone, we’ll give you an unlock code for free. That’s it! *All you have to do is video the process of unlocking your phone. *Simply email UnlockBase at*[email protected]*and we’ll let you know if you qualify for the FREE unlock code. If you don’t qualify (this happen if we already have a video testimonials for*this phone) , you might still qualify for a special discount so please contact us first to discuss about this.
We’re offering this promotion as a way to help us create instructional videos*to put on*UnlockBase*YouTube Channel.*There are three basic steps to the process:

  1. Video how to order the unlock code from UnlockBase: Simply film yourself going through the order process for the unlock code. *You can blur out your email address and personal information. (this step is NOT*mandatory)
  2. Video receiving the email from us: When you receive an email back from us, make sure to film the process of you opening the email and reading it. (video can start with this step if you didn’t record yourself order the Unlock Code on our Website)
  3. Video what you do with the code: You’ll then video entering the code in your phone. *This step usually involves several processes (just follow the guideline of our Code Entry FAQ), so you’ll need to follow email directions and film all of it. (that’s the most important part)

Knowing How to Title Your Video
You are responsible for uploading the video to YouTube. Once it’s live, email us the link and we’ll reimburse you for the unlock code. When titling your video, make sure to title it according to the following:
“How to Unlock [your phone model] from [the network carrier & country the phone is locked to]”
For example, if you have a Samsung S6 that is locked to Nextel Mexico, your title would be:
How to Unlock Samsung S6 from Nextel Mexico“.
If possible, we would like for you to add the following tags to the video that you upload:

  • Unlock
  • Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Tutorial
  • [model of your phone]
  • [network carrier phone was locked to]
  • Unlock Code
  • Instructions

Below is a sample of a very nice Video Testimonials we recently received from an Happy Customer:
Are You a Writer for a Blog / Magazine ?
Do you have your own website or blog? *Are you a writer? *If so, contact us to learn more about receiving an unlock code for free.
Want to Give Us a Testimonial?
If you’re willing to provide a Video Testimonial about our services, we’d love to provide you with a Free Unlock or Discount.
Get Your Free Unlock Code Today
Here at UnlockBase, we also offer a variety of other ways to receive a Free Unlock or Discount. *From mentioning us on Facebook or Twitter, to leaving positive messages about us on various forum community, or testimonials on third-party platforms, we will always reward your loyalty and support.
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