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Thread: HTC One M9 quick Review

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    HTC One M9 quick Review

    Okay, so take this review for what its worth. I've had the phone for only ten days. This is more of a pre-review. I want to focus on the battery. It seems to me that people who are using it for heavy media like usage are the ones who are disappointed. I believe people like me, who are using it as a 'phone' - Email, Text, voice, are enjoying a long battery life. Initially (first few days) i was using the phone for those said basics, along with constant app/setting tweaking (as I continue to set up the phone), along with some minor web surfing, and a little bit of netflix. With that I experienced exactly 55-hours of runtime from 100% battery to 0% battery after the first charge. About the same for the second charge. Since then, with fairly heavy usage (same functions as previously mentioned but just more of it) i am getting on average 36 hours. That said, my settings are on non-battery saver mode, and i haven't turned off battery eating junk in the background. I am very happy with this. I expect the battery life to only get better with future updates (there is already a battery improvement software update rumored to be coming from HTC). Also, i will probably kick on the level one battery saver mode eventually.

    In addition to the battery I am loving the sweet sound coming from this device. Voice sound is really fantastic both on the receiving and sending end, but much of that I attribute to coming back to GSM from CDMA. I love GSM voice quality. General speaker sound (music, movies etc are great too but you have to already know it would be with this phone). Speaker is loud and clear.

    UI is fast and smooth. No freeze ups / reboots.

    I am not going to get into reception/signal strength, because although mine has been flaky at times, great other times, i mostly attribute it to the T-mobile network, which i have just switched to. My kids are experiencing about the same reception levels on their Iphone 6's.

    Here is what i DON'T like about the phone: The keyboard. It's atrocious. I have tried tweaking it to no avail. I can't type a full legible sentence if i was offered 1 million dollars to do so. I was able to get an 80% improvement by installing a google keyboard from the app store.

    Brightness levels. It is flaky as all heck. It goes in and out with no consistency. Perhaps that will be improved with a software update or I might have to make manual adjustments.

    There was some initial buggy things on the phone that somehow worked themselves out all on its own which has me scratching my head a bit. For example, i could not get email notifications working for days. The phone would not tell me via sound or visually that I had a new email. This is whether I used Gmail or my personal email account. But then suddenly it works. Also, i could not send group messages either. Played with all the settings and it simply wouldn't work. Then i switched to another messenger app, and group messages suddenly worked fine. But then i started missing texts (both being sent and received), so I switched back to the default messenger program, and suddenly now group messages work. Also, no more missed texts.

    I feel like all of these things will be ironed out with software updates.

    Only last thing I want to mention is that the camera is fine for me, actually pretty good to my eyes, but I haven't used it much and don't really get hung up on such things as I don't feel that camera's are such an important feature for a cell phone -- but that's just me.

    Really happy with this HTC M9. I would buy it again and give it an 8 of 10 rating.
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