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Thread: S6 5.1.1 ota?

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    S6 5.1.1 ota?

    So today(5-15) I saw online that T-Mobile USA released the 5.1.1 OTA for there branded Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, so any info on when the Verizon branded version is coming out? I'm having multiply major bugs(wifi, memory, and lagging) across 3 different S6 devices(original device and 2 replacements) since launch day. Also, the Verizon Branded OTA that just came out brought me new bugs like with Google voice to text giving me 2 new bugs and making it unusable. Also, apps are freezing like crazy and ends up freezing the whole phone and when I try to lock the phone with the power button when an app is freezing it opens up the camera instead of locking the phone and most of the time I have to restart the phone when this happens and it happens quite often, but only started after the Verizon OTA. Also, from launch day(across all 3 devices) I been having memory issues with the phone, it tells me it has between 1GB-1.2GB of total memory on the phone and I only have 748MB total available with only very few apps on the phone at the moment, everything closed and all the bloatware gone off the phone. I herd that the Verizon OTA we just got was suppose to fix the memory issue, but apparently for me it did nothing at all with the memory on my phone. and lastly I'm having the major wifi bug a lot of us are having witch for me started on the 6th day after launch and never worked again even after I had 3 different devices and still the same thing is still ongoing, and in fact the Verizon OTA we just got made the wifi bug even worst then before.

    So the 5.1.1 OTA is really needed for me to fix these ongoing and new bugs I'm having and after 2 months I'm getting sick and tired of waiting for patches to come out!

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    I just got the update this week. I have an S6 Edge from verizon.

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