I keep a PagePlus PAYG account active for those times when I venture out of T-Mobile service. This is only for backup voice and text service, not data. So far, this has been on an old Nokia 6015i candy-bar phone. It's an OK phone but the keys are kind of worn & sticky. I was recently given an old Moto V262 (ex-Alltel) flip phone and was debating moving the account over to the Moto. The V262 is a bit less beat-up and I have an external antenna adapter for that phone. It also weighs 1/10 oz less, for all that matters. Other than the inconvenience of actually making the swap, does anyone know of any reason I should avoid the V262? Bad memories, maybe? When we got the Nokia, many years ago, we were told that it was one of the phones with better RF performance.