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Thread: Sprint Visual Voicemail want me to pay $2.99 for Premium Visual Voicemail?

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    Sprint Visual Voicemail want me to pay $2.99 for Premium Visual Voicemail?

    I was under the impression that when you get a hefty data plan, they usually throw is Visual Voicemail for free.

    I do not need Voice transcription, but just want to tap the screen to listen to my voicemail.

    So even if I turn off the Subscription, I still get asked if I wish to subscribe to the Premium Sprint Voicemail.
    There is text in every voicemail asking me to upgrade to Premium.

    I would be happy to use Google Voice except for three things. It does not show Voicemails on the Hangouts Icon, it does not integrate and do WiFi calling simultaneously, and if you just forward calls to your Google voicemail there is a long delay.

    Any idea how to get rid of the little nag message asking me to upgrade to Sprint Visual Voicemail Premium.

    I am a bout ready to pay the $2,99 just to get rid of the little message in every voicemail..

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    That is indeed a major annoyance with Sprint's voicemail app, although spouse and I have finally taught ourselves to ignore that particular bit of nagware.

    $3/mo for VM-to-text transcription - even our landline provider gives us that without extra charges each month.

    Also highly annoying is the fact that every time Sprint's VM app updates itself it overwrites one's settings and puts the VM playback into speakerphone mode again, forcing the user to go back into settings and uncheck the "speakerphone-is-automatically-on" box.

    IMO, this annoying VM app is just one more example of Sprint's assault on the customer experience. I'd be hard-pressed to find any other company we deal with that is as inept and clueless as Sprint. We're literally counting the days until this fall when we can leave Sprint lock, stock & barrel. Perhaps if the CEO spent less time in pi$$ing-contests on his Twitter account, and more time using his own third-rate products, meaningful improvements in the customer experience (and network) might happen faster.

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