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Thread: Roam Like in the European Union

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    Roam Like in the European Union

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    Roaming in the EU after June 15,2015

    Having lived in Europe, I was there when my country joined the EU. It was an opportunity to be part of something greater. A dream, an ideal of a United Europe. In its very humble beginnings, A united Europe was to prevent another World War, to bring together the European countries so we would not see anything like we did with Nazi Germany.

    The dream, the ideal then became that of an economic power that could rival the US.

    For this to happen, European countries would have to harmonize and so a common currency was created. And after that, people from each country could move easily between countries with only an ID card. No passports.

    So when awhile back, I had heard that the European Parliament wanted to regulate Roaming rates I thought it was consistent with all that the EU has done so far. But I didn't think the European Parliament would be able to do this. We all know how Telcos feel about regulation. What made the task even harder was that we're talking here about 3-4 Telcos in 18 countries. Some much bigger than others.

    But last week, I was watching the news(RDI) and on the ticker at the bottom it said something about the Roaming Rates being regulated in Europe.

    I was like Holy Cow!!! Had to Google it and see what happened and how. And there you have it. Europeans as of June 15,2017 will be able to use their plans anywhere in the EU as if they were in their own country. No extra charges!!!!

    So after the common currency(The Euro), and the ability for Europeans and enterprises to move freely within Europe, this makes sense. Makes everything more practical and easier. For individuals and companies. No worries about exchange rates, or roaming rates within the EU.


    What does the end of roaming charges mean?

    It means that from 15 June 2017 you can use your mobile device when travelling in the EU paying the same prices as at home (domestic prices). For instance, if you pay for a monthly volume of minutes, SMS and data in your country, any voice call, SMS and data session you make while travelling abroad in the EU will be deducted from that volume as if you were at home, with no extra charges. This means the end of roaming charges as Europeans experience them today in their daily life.
    Telcos in Europe fought this but then agreed when The European Parliament made concessions on Net Neutrality. Roaming Rates will be capped in 2015 and further more in

    2016. Finally in June 15, 2017 there will be no more Roaming.

    Example,If someone in France has a 1000 minute,1000 text and 1 GB plan he can use it when visiting Spain or in any other EU country and not pay any charges. The minutes,texts and data get deducted from their plan as if he was in France.

    Basically like the Rogers Roam Like Home but no extra $5 or $10 a day fees.

    There is one safe guard. People will not be able to sign up for a cheaper plan in another country and bring it to their home counrty and use it as their plan. Which makes sense. So someone can not go to France and get one of those cheap plans with Free and go back home to Germany and use it there for life.

    So what do you guys think?
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    This is a great post, is what I think.

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    Thanks, Someone suggested I throw in a picture... And another someone told me to put an intro and voila!!

    And T-Mobile now has a North American Plan. Just hope we Canucks get to see some good things happen here. Not asking for something like these Roaming Rates but at least better rates because we are being gouged.

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    Great news, but what about Greece? :-D

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