(I received this case for review)

Unless you're rocking a Canadian tuxedo, you can't go wrong with denim. And because denim's a tough material, this case also offers durability along with its style. Furthermore, it has cool features like pockets for credit cards and cash and a horizontal stand for watching videos on your iPhone in landscape view.

I like that this denim iPhone case doesn't try too hard to look like a pair of jeans. Melkco keeps the design pretty minimal and clean, just showcasing the tight denim fabric rather than adding unnecessary flair like a zipper. The red-white-and-blue stripe strap is also an ingenious piece of design - it looks like a belt but it also keeps the case closed. Fashion + function = win. The inside of the case, though, is what really gives it a standout look. I think the seersucker stripes provide a classy touch.

Although this case has a minimal look on the outside, it does sneak in some handy features on the inside.

  1. The fabric on the inner front cover serves as a pocket for cash and the three smaller pockets on the front of the fabric hold credit cards. I'm a big fan of efficiency, so I really dig using this case as a wallet too.
  2. The back cover has a lengthwise fold down the middle that turns the case into a stand. This lets me put my iPhone 6 on a table and watch videos in landscape view. There are no ridges along the inner front cover to prop up the phone, but the soft fabric cradles the phone enough to keep it from slipping
  3. The combination of soft cotton fabric on the inside with tough denim on the outside cushions my iPhone 6 to protect it in case it falls.

I like how Melkco adds these features without making the case too bulky. Keeping it low profile lets it fit comfortably in my pocket.

In addition to an original stylish look, the denim offers durability. It's a tough fabric, so I feel confident that it won't rip. The stitching also seems tight and unlikely to come undone. The spine is also sturdy and I don't see it breaking it down easily. The only thing is that I'll have to wash this case with soap and water to keep it clean. This is less convenient than wiping down plastic, but it's also what you sign up for when you go for the more fashionable look and softer touch of a fabric phone case.

Melkco did a good job making this case user friendly. On the inside of the back cover, there's plastic housing to hold the phone. My iPhone 6 slides into it easily and the housing holds the phone securely. The plastic housing is only partially fixed to the back cover so that it continue to cradle the phone when you use the case's stand. The housing keeps all of the iPhone 6's buttons exposed and a hole on the back of the case lets you use the camera without removing the phone.

Most other denim cases don't seem to combine fashion and function as deftly as Melkco's does. It looks great and it offers useful features.