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Thread: Questions About Easy モバイル Suica

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    Question Questions About Easy モバイル Suica

    Hi, HoFo!

    I recently read a few threads and sites about Easy Mobile Suica, and I have a few questions about it for the next time I go to Japan with my unlocked SH-06E as a short-term visitor:

    - Would Easy Mobile Suica work if I use a prepaid data sim (i.e. b-mobile, So-net, NTT)?
    - Is it possible to charge (top up) at places where they top up ICOCA (or any IC card outside of JR East) cards?

    Finally, does anyone have a copy of the モバイル Suica apk? I couldn't manage to root my SH-06E properly, so Market Enabler is no go, and VPNs won't let me connect. ):

    I really like the idea of being able to use Osaifu-Keitai the next time I visit Japan, haha. Thanks!

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    Just buy a Pasmo card when you get to Japan. They're easily sold everywhere when you get to Narita or Haneda.

    It's all good (^_^) <<< My Feedback... rising from the dead.

    Everyone's on their own for hypersims. I'm out har har har har har~~~~

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    Jumping into an old thread to say a few things:

    If you really really don't want to buy a card, you have to set up a new GMail account after arrival, after you get your Japanese prepaid SIM. Then it'll associate that other account with the Japanese Play Store, and you can download Easy Mobile Suica.

    Me? I go a bit more often, I pay the 1000 yen for regular Mobile Suica because I can top it up with my American credit card. They don't take foreign Visa/MC cards anymore, but AmEx and JCB from outside Japan still work.

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