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Thread: T-Mobile LTE Speed Tests

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeuten View Post
    Those T-Mobile flexi zones are not going to do well compared to AT&T and Verizon’s cantennas. If you primarily live, work, and play around the loop, I would suggest AT&T or Verizon. That is until they get 2.5 implemented.

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    Yeah that's me. Live and work in the city. I've had Verizon here since 2009 or so (brief stint with AT&T after that) and it's been great. I get weird voice issues when calling landlines that don't seem to occur when using the T-Mobile SIM. I called my office and left messages using my same iPhone 11 Pro Max with both carriers and T-Mobile sounded clearer. I'm paranoid that as soon as I leave the city / suburbs and go rural I'll get no service. My hope is that the Sprint merger will fill in most of those holes. Sprint is apparently awesome here and should alleviate congestion now that they have merged?

    I have always disliked AT&T, I always had congestion issues. Tried them again I think a few years ago and it was unusable in the loop (by Chase tower) during the week.

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    I left Verizon over a year ago as my main line for AT&T due to Verizon being a congested mess as well.

    AT&T has by far the best speed around Chicago, and T-Mobile has gotten a lot better (even 9mos ago I had congestion issues, not been seeing them as of late)

    I honesty am also just trying T-Mobile as primary again, but so far they've worked on the congestion issues and seemed to have densified things very well.
    I have experienced some slower speeds over the past couple of years but nothing to the point where it has been unusable. As I said above I'm just biased against AT&T. About 9 years ago I was walking and hit a curb the wrong way, broke my ankle. Was trying to get to Northwestern Hospital and maps / data would not load at all for directions. I had to get a traffic guard to hail a cab for me. Not only that, once in the ER waiting area I tried to call my parents and could not make a call due to poor service. I hobbled into Verizon store the next day and have had it since. I've since dabbled with AT&T for a month or two here and there and experienced terrible congestion in the loop and when visiting a friend in Nashville.

    Sorry for rambling haha. I am really hoping T-Mobile works out. Have you noticed improvement in the loop area with T-Mobile?

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    Hit the 300Mbps mark. B4 20x20, B2 10x10, B12 5x5 Name:  Capture%2B_2020-07-07-12-14-26.jpg
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    AT&T... your world, throttled.

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    Specs are out today for the Note 20 5G with support for n12 and n25. Not sure if T-Mobile or AT&T is planning on deploying n12 but definitely interesting.

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