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Thread: SelfieMap - The new facebook checkin

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    SelfieMap - The new facebook checkin

    Selfie + Map = SelfieMap
    ★ The new way to check-in ★

    Are you getting tired from the Facebook check-in options ??
    Did you ever leave the location and forget to do your check-in ??

    SelfieMap is a free app that finally allows you to do your check-in like you want to…

    SelfieMap App is here to break all the old check-in rules!!!

    SelfieMap is the only app that let you design and create your own style check-in:
    •Place your selfie picture, or any other picture on your location map!
    •Select the map type!
    •Select your desired location, even if you are not there anymore!
    •Design your picture using DreamBit's image processing special effects and filters!
    •You can add more than one picture to your designed check-in!
    •Add special designed objects – symbols (like emoji), text, drawing…
    •Design your check-in frame!

    In just 2 steps and your SelfieMap check-in is ready to share with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other app you want to share your new SelfieMap:

    Step 1: Make a selfie for your SelfieMap check-in.
    Step 2: Open the SeflieMap app and select your selfie picture or any other picture.

    That's it, your SelfieMap check-in is ready !!!
    The SelfieMap app integrates your picture and your location map automatically!!!

    SelfieMap - checkin & pics – Android-Apps auf Google Play
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