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Thread: call forward to another phone in US

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    call forward to another phone in US

    Hi there
    I'm a Canadian truck driver that runs into the US about 10-15 days a month.
    I've looked at different options for my cell phone and called sasktel. My options for roaming are good but pretty expensive so I've been thinking about getting a WIND phone for when I am in the US. It would be much cheaper than using my Sasktel phone for everything....especially data.
    What I was wondering it possible for me to Call Forward my Sasktel phone number to my WIND number before I leave Canada and will my Sasktel number incur any roaming fees (since it's forwarding to a US number). Also, I would have both phones with me in the truck when I'm on the road in the US. So would it ring to the Sasktel phone (in the US) then forward to the WIND phone? If so...because the call was forwarded while my Sasktel phone was on US soil...would it still charge roaming?
    Thanks for any help. I'm just trying to save as much as possible. Just to get 500 mins of calling in the US through Sasktel is 50 bucks. Plus 50 bucks for data plus 10 cents per MB. It adds up quick.

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    best option now is forward ur Sasktel calls to VoIP. ms and then forward ur no to us cell no. Usa Option is right now T-Mobile as they have simple choice plan for 50$ / month and u will get 1 gab of high speed data and throttled after that plus u will unlimited calling to and from Canada , Mexico . Throttled data and in Canada is unlimited too.texting is worldwide . Hope this will help.

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    Thanks. How is T-Mobile coverage? I do a lot of work through MT, ND, SD, WY. I know Verizon has decent coverage through there because that's who I roam on with Sasktel.

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    T-Mobile is terrible in Montana. It's not great in the Dakotas either but it will be better soon. (Right now it's just in the Red River Valley, south of Winnipeg to the South Dakota border.)

    If you forward SaskTel to your Wind number you'll pay whatever long distance charge you pay to the Wind number (e.g. to Calgary if you chose there). If your plan includes Canadian long distance than it may not cost you anything. This is assuming you subscribe to the call forwarding service, which is a couple of dollars a month with most plans. These calls will never make it to the US switch so you will not technically be considered roaming with respect to inbound calls.

    Note that you may have to turn on call forwarding while in the SaskTel coverage area. The last time I was out of province (Toronto in April/May en route to the UK) I was able to turn on call forwarding there (previously this did not work when outside native SaskTel coverage). However, it may not work while you are on a US network. (I'm talking about the new HSPA/LTE network; I never subscribed to SaskTel's CDMA network.)
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