Last month, I installed an O2 Deutschland SIM card in my Galaxy S6 Edge. It was set up for voice and data. I had no problem dialing calls and sending texts if I entered the correct number ("0" "City Code" "Number"). The problems occurred if I tried to dial a contact or send a text from my contacts. All my contacts are listed as "+" "Country Code" "City Code" "Number". I tried calls and texts with and without Assisted Dialing turned on. When I dialed a German number (Cell of Landline) from contacts, the phone added the prefix "491149" rather than "0" the correct direct dial prefix. This also happened when I sent texts from my contacts. It was acting as if I were dialing the numbers from the US with a "1149" international prefix and country code AND adding an extra country code at the front.

I modified my contacts first by dropping all the prefixes so that the numbers were: "City Code" "Number" and then with "0" "City Code "Number". This caused the same problem. When I typed in the number and sent a text, it would go through, but when I responded to the reply, it added "491149" and the text failed. No changes in assisted dialing, or the prefixes in contacts fixed the problem.

I also had a 3 Ireland SIM in the phone. I only had a problem with assisted dialing turned on. If I turned off assisted dialing and changed the contact number to "0" "City Code" "Number" both texts and calls could be dialed from contacts.

My S6 Edge has Android Version 5.0.2 installed.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?