There are many places online where you can buy cheap iPhones. The most popular ones are Amazon and eBay.

Some mobile phone stores offers you the opportunity to buy iPhones on their website. However, you will have to buy it in a higher price. The first and the most preferable place to get cheap iPhone deals is eBay.

You can get a cheap product on this site through their auction feature. If you are a good observant, you will notice that most products end up being sold at a cheaper price in their auctions. If you can’t wait for the auctions, then you can order directly and you will have your phone delivered to you within 24 hours.

Apart from the aforementioned sites, you can also get a cheap iPhone from local retailers. They will want to gain attention and therefore make the cost of the phone reasonably cheap. You can always find these set of ads in the classified ads websites.

You can also find cheap iPhones deals by searching through Craigslist. You specify the city where you want to search. If you find someone selling at a cheap price, you can send such person an email and make your offer.

If you are not careful while trying to get a cheap iPhone, you can get scammed. You should not fall into the temptation of getting a free iPhone or extremely inexpensive iPhones online.

While you can get a cheap iPhone directly from Apple Store, another means of getting a cheap iPhone is by buying a used or refurbished phone.

Online stores like BuyCheapAppleiPhones, TechBargains, BestBuy, and SmartFoneStore are good examples of places to get a cheap used or refurbished iPhone deals. Before placing your order on any online stores, ensure that the seller has a 100% positive review.

Anyone else know of any good sites?