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Thread: Freedompop billing error and no way to contact support to resolve error

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    Freedompop billing error and no way to contact support to resolve error

    I hope someone can help me find a way to contact freedompop. They are continuously charging me 99cents per month. This practice was supposed to stop months or years ago, but they have never stopped charging me. Unfortunately I have been unable to contact them about this issue. The support phone number google search returns is disconnected. There is no link to write to support within the freedompop web pages, only links answering questions, which confirm my 99cent monthly charges are not supposed to be happening. They have a forum also containing complaints from others about these charges, and responses to individual users that freedompop will correct it. However, I am unable to post to this forum to ask for my account to be corrected! After some searches, I found that they have to approve each person to post, and even though I have had my plan for years, apparently I have not yet been approved to post to their support forums. So I have no way to contact freedompop to ask them to correct tbeir monthly billing errors!

    Can somebody help me, or is my only option to cancel my accounts with freedompop?

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    Check the thread in the General Prepaid subforum titled FreedomPop now 99centPop.
    There are many people talking about this glitch.
    I would link it here but I'm using my phone and can't.

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