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Thread: Verizon Land Line & DSL

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    Verizon Land Line & DSL

    My friend has a Verizon Freedom Essentials landline (unlimited domestic calls) for $62 month plus about $25 in taxes and fees. She still receives most calls from family and doctors on this line, although she primarily uses her Verizon wireless phone. She also has a second DSL line with 1.5 Mbps.

    She is paranoid about power outages because she cares for a bedridden mother. She also refuses to get rid of the DSL because of her 15 year old e-mail account and she refuses to get 50 Mbps service from her cable TV provider.

    As I understand it, she can switch to a local and regional Verizon land line and still receive long distance calls
    (1) Is that correct?
    (2) Is there a definitive way to learn what exchanges are local? She would like to know if her landline will still be able to call her wireless number.
    (3) I can't figure out if the price on her DSL line is hooked to have the Freedom Essentials price. If she changes one will the other increase in price to compensate.

    Plz don't post that she can switch to a wireless or VOIP home phone. She is desperately afraid that some glitch will endanger her mother.

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    (1)She can switch to any plan and receive long distance calls.
    (2)Yes, it's a bit more complicated that it used to be (you could just look in the front of the phone book) but tools like this can get you all the info she needs. You might need to help do the research.
    (3)The price of her DSL is likely affected by her phone plan. However, according to your original post, it looks like she may have 2 actual phone lines, the Freedom Essentials and the line with DSL. If that's the case, dropping the Freedom Essentials line shouldn't affect the other line and DSL service too much.

    Now, to respond in kind to your logical request that we not post that she can switch to wireless or VOIP, I have no trouble with that. However, on the other hand, if you want actual answers to your questions, there is a source--Verizon. They won't bite or yell at you if you call them. Of course, they will try to sell you more wireless service!!

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    Verizon Land Line & DSL

    Quote Originally Posted by TZ617 View Post
    .... However, according to your original post, it looks like she may have 2 actual phone lines, the Freedom Essentials and the line with DSL....
    my guess is she has only one phone line and that one line also forms the basis for the DSL. if so, don't disconnect the one phone line because that will also disconnect the DSL. (my elderly dad, when he was better a few years back, did not realize this when he just wanted his DSL and cancelled the telephone landline, and thus no more DSL.) verizon will tell you what can be done where the account bundle could be changed while keeping the phones and the DSL. so call verizon.

    (totally understand your friend's concerns about needing the phones & taking care of her bedridden mom. me have similar concerns taking care of my elderly dad who is still suffering from a brain injury. in my situation, have multiple backup iphones plus ooma, other VoIP, GV capabilities, plus a backup power supply. but that's me. your friend's situation requires maintaining at least the verizon landline & the verizon cell phone, and verizon can directly help with those concerns.)

    -- posted from my iPhone

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