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Thread: Illegal to continue billing after number ported out?

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    Illegal to continue billing after number ported out?

    Hey All;

    I'm currently in a fight with Birch Communications (formerly CBeyond) over wireless billing for 12 wireless business lines that I ported out. I moved the lines to Sprint in early June -- when I got the next Birch bill, they were still billed full rate (I was expecting 8 ETF's and Sprint Business said they'd reimburse them) -- I called Birch and they told me that I had to request the billing be cancelled after I ported a number out. I thought this was supposed to be automatic?

    Of course, I said "They are already ported out! -- Cancel them NOW" and they said they would -- of course the July bill came, and all the lines are still billing as if they were never cancelled... I called again, Birch says my ticket is in process... I said they better reimburse me retroactively from the date the lines were cancelled... August comes around... Same thing!

    Is it just me, or does this seem highly illegal? I thought a port out triggered an automatic cancellation from the losing provider -- Of course the reason we are leaving Birch is because they acquired CBeyond, who actually was a pretty decent provider. Birch on the other hand is the absolute epitome of everything bad that anyone can say about telecoms.

    Luckily I talked to my Sprint business rep about how difficult they are being and that it will take over 60 days to get the ETF's on the invoice so I can submit them for refunds...

    Has anyone heard of a carrier continuing to just keep the billing going like nothing has ever happened after the numbers have been ported out?


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    Illegal to continue billing after number ported out?

    Can't speak for their wireless service, but Birch (formerly CBeyond) is by far the absolutely most annoying carrier I have ever dealt with on the wireline side of things, when it comes to service changes, as any carrier I've ever come into contact with.

    And I've been doing telecom stuff professionally since 1991 and really dealing heavily with carriers since 1994.

    I inherited them as one of the providers at a new job a little over a year ago and we're actively awaiting the day we can kick them so hard to the curb, they don't even try to come back.

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