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Thread: Roam Mobility - nothing but problems: bad connectivity, poor customer service

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    Roam Mobility - nothing but problems: bad connectivity, poor customer service

    My husband is in Boston this week and he purchased Roam Mobility plan instead of overpriced Rogers roaming. Yet, the plan he purchased doesn't work and he cannot even get his phone connected to the network. I called Roam Mobility support and, after waiting for almost an hour to connect, encountered the most stupid support person ever. Her first action was to call his Roam Mobility number, her second action was to leave a voice mail on his number with the instructions. When I asked her how is it helpful if he cannot even connect to the network, I received an answer "Well... you have a point here, but these are our instructions."
    We had some issues with Roam Mobility in the past but they would typically be resolved within a day or so. Considering that it is the same phone, SIM, and location where he used Roam Mobility service 6 months ago, we clearly expected no hiccups this time. We are quite frustrated at being disconnected and clearly will not use Roam Mobility again.

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    Yeah I had a negative experience with them recently. They cut off the data almost a full day early. It was due to end Friday 6am PST. Here I am on THURSDAY 6am PST and the data is already cut off, and I'm emergency calls only.

    WTF... They're lucky their so cheap /GB because there are way more reliable providers out there (aka

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