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Thread: Are 2 Network Extenders Better Than One?

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    Are 2 Network Extenders Better Than One?

    I've had a Verizon Network Extender for almost 6 yrs now. My cell signal is very good in the living room which is where I have it set up. I was wondering if I bought another one (and placed it on the other side of the house) if I could get better/stronger house coverage. I'd like to be able to have 3-5 bars all over my house all the time. Not just in a couple of rooms. I live in a one level mobile home. My ISP is AT&T DSL.


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    The only way you'd be better off with 2 extenders would be if you got the Network Extender for Business. They are designed to work together. Putting two consumer Network Extenders in the same area would likely cause problems because they don't hand off calls. So, if you are walking around your house, you might end up with more dropped calls. You'd be better served by moving your one Network Extender to a more central location.

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