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Thread: Canada's big 3 - all completely incompetent

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    Canada's big 3 - all completely incompetent

    This post may well turn into a book - I am amazed at just how bad the various carriers are.

    I'll start with the history:

    I have a number of lines on my account, the oldest was activated on the day Rogers went on the air in 1985, so I have just about 30 years of history with the company. We won't discuss the early days, the billing errors, attitude issues and so on - we didn't have number portability and essentially were held hostage unless we were willing to give up our numbers.

    So I stayed. I have only ever had two subsidised phones over the past 30 years and I have never been late with a payment - I suppose that makes me the 'dream customer'.

    Fast forward to a few years ago, when my kids went away to university. We didn't have many unlimited cross country calling plans, but we DID have MY5 and MY10 - so those were what the kids were on. And when they would come home for the 4 month break we would transfer the number back to the home province and return it to the college town when they went back to school. And every time it would take a huge amount of time to get the features and pricing fixed, even though I was promised each time that the CSR 'knows what I am doing' and that it was 'a simple number change'.

    I also had a series of discounts with varying expiry dates and eventually got fed up with them and insisted that they set them up so that they all expire at the same time - lots of discussion finally made that happen.

    One kid is finished and the other just went back to school.

    In May of this year all of the discounts on our account expired and, as everyone can guess, Rogers refused to renew them. That started a long round of negotiations with the company - and in the end they offered a share everything plan that would cost about $135 with 2 Gigs of data BYOD.

    I then approached Bell and they offered me a much better deal which included $350/line in port-in credits if I went to their SMB side (I own a small business) - essentially a 6 gig unlimited share-everything plan complete with new phones for a net $127 plus taxes over a 2 year term.

    I copied the offer to Rogers and they dithered around for 2 months and played a game of smoke and mirrors believing that I had no idea how to use a calculator . . . . so I told Bell that we were a 'go'.

    At their insistence I went to a close-by corporate store with my offer in hand and we started to do the contract - they did a personal credit check (even though I have both home phone and satellite television and have been a client of theirs for almost 40 years AND this was a business account) and we started the process, only to come to a screeching halt because 2 of the 3 numbers were homed in Ontario, while the account was in Quebec - that was never an issue with Rogers, but I get it . . . . the rep I was working with wasn't around so we stopped the process and I went home.

    The rep claimed that he didn't realise that there were 2 provinces involved (there aren't, just NUMBERS from two provinces) even though he had the list of phone numbers from the initial approach which had one 514 number and two 613 ones. After a week he contacted me to say that everything was resolved and that we should go back in to conclude the deal.

    Need I say that they had the exact same problem? Oh, and they hit my credit file again - in total dropping my score by more than 55 points and moving me into a higher risk band in the process, even though they ASSURED me that they would not take a report and apologised for taking the first one.

    I was then getting flack from the Bell rep (and Rogers was still being intransigent) and Bell's executive offices promised to 'fix my credit score' - they didn't, instead sending an apologetic e-mail that said they tried, but were unable to undo what the bozos in the store had done.

    I then got yet ANOTHER call from the rep to come in. And still nothing viable from Rogers - you'd THINK that after 30 years they'd want to hang on to my business?

    They DID say that they would likely drop their pants when I called in to cancel my account - they were so clueless that they didn't realise that when I port, I'm GONE and that there is no last chance to keep my business. I explained this to a completely clueless CSR who essentially apologised and again said that retentions could do nothing until I called to cancel, and even then . . . . . oh well . . . . .

    On the way to the Bell store the third time my daughter pointed out the Telus corporate store and suggested we check with THEM. So we went in and they were friendly; they said they'd match Bell and that there was no issue with the Ontario numbers, even though I had indicated that if it was necessary to access in-market plans because Quebec is a more competitive environment than Ontario, we could change them for Quebec ones and simply create a couple of Ontario-homed numbers from Freephoneline and forward them to the new Quebec numbers.

    Sign us up, I said.

    "Not so fast", was the reply . . . . even though the store was empty they said I needed to make an appointment and to come back another day.

    Last Friday (September 4) was that day. The appointment was for 7 PM.

    My daughter, who was scheduled to go back to school in Ontario the following Monday was with me and we began the process of selecting phones . . . . they started porting the numbers even before we signed the contracts . . . . and I was presented contracts for initialling . . . . "Why" I asked "does the contract specify that Canadian LD costs 60 cents per minute when these are unlimited cross Canada plans". He explained that this was just boilerplate and that with unlimited calling it would never be applied.

    My phone was ported and rang on the new Telus phone . . . . . and I heard the clerk who was tasked with doing the technical stuff saying things into her phone that put my guard up - so I asked her to stop what she was doing and we (the rep, the clerk and I) started discussing what she was doing - and if seems that this unlimited plan was only good for calls originating from within Quebec and that the plan only allowed free calling from Quebec to anywhere in Canada . . . . . . well, considering that she lives IN Ottawa and her number is homed in the 613 area code, that meant that every one of the 1500 minutes she uses a month, even those used to call local numbers would be billed out at 60 cents apiece!!!

    "STOP", says I. That is NOT what we agreed. We were supposed to have 3 Canadawide unlimited plans each with 3 Gigs of data, to which I received the comment 'we do NOT pricematch' . . which was patently false, since the only reason we considered going to them was that they offered 9 gigs (unshared) Canadawide for the same price as Bell's offer of 6 gigs (shared) . . . . . . oh, and they changed the amount of the porting credit from $1050 to $900 - though I was willing to accept that one time price increase because we'd be getting 9 gigs of data instead of the 6 that Bell had offered,

    By now it was 8 PM on Friday night and two of the three numbers had been ported out, though only one was working on a phone on the Telus end - the other hadn't finished percolating through the system.

    'No problem', says the clerk, 'we'll just send the numbers back to Rogers and all will be as it was in 2-5 hours'.

    Now I'm not a neophyte - I KNOW that a port out initiates an account cancellation and that Rogers will have deactivated my SIM cards.

    So I called Rogers and told them what Telus had done - they told me that I could have the same basket of services back at the same price, but that they would need to fudge things to make it happen - I was told to go to the Rogers store in the mall and that the rep would call the manager to set things up with 'placeholder plans' - when I got there the rep had not called, and while the manager was pleasant, he was forthright - he gave me 2 SIM cards and told me to fix it from home, since it was close to closing time and there was no way he wanted to stay late because this was not going to be a simple solution

    When I got home I discovered that all of Telus' phone departmental numbers were CLOSED. AND BUSINESS ACCOUNT DEPARTMENTS WERE CLOSED FOR THE LONG WEEKEND.

    I DID manage to find a live body at the other end of a chat window and Bree was very accommodating even though she works for the consumer side and my failed account was with the SMB (Small Business) group.

    The first order of business was to figure out the account number, which Rogers needed to request the phone numbers back. She DID manage to find them, so Rogers sent the requests - but got no confirmations back . . . because the porting group at Telus had gone home too - it was now 1 AM eastern time. So there was nothing that could be done until at least the following day.

    The next day I got on the phone with Rogers at 9 AM and initiated the process of repatriating my numbers which were still in limbo. I called around to all of the various publicised numbers at Telus and opened a chat window . . . . . . and eventually managed to find someone at Telus who could help.

    'Help' involved re-establishing active accounts for the two numbers and finding someone who could get those numbers pulled from the dead number database, where cancelled numbers go to reside for 60 days after cancellation. Because UNLIKE what the Telus people had promised, MY NUMBERS WERE NOT SENT BACK TO ROGERS - which I knew), but were simply cancelled.

    Once this was finally done my two phones came back to life with the new SIM cards on the Rogers network - this alone only required 4 more hours of my time of the Saturday.

    Now I needed to figure out how to get my basket of services back - and now I WAS BEING CALLED A LIAR BY ROGERS; that I had never been promised that my services and pricing would be restored.

    This was extremely disappointing - my visual voicemail, my name display, my unlimited daytime calling, my whois and my 100 minutes of Canadian LD were GONE (I had no data) and the price they were going to charge was ONLY $15 more per month per line than I was previously paying, this for a basic 500 minute package with evenings and weekends and no name display and basic voicemail - and they apparently charged something per line to re-enable the line (I won't know until I see my next invoice), even though I'd been told that there would be no charge, since the contracts had never been signed with Telus.

    And so began my discussions with Rogers . . . . another CSR had indicated that the restoral of my services and pricing had indeed been included in the notes of my call from the previous evening - so they lied about me lying.

    All in all I am now going to have to migrate to new share everything plans, at a huge increase in my monthly bill, though I am getting some concessions from Rogers.

    Bell has stopped responding altogether - the executive office people do not call me back and the manager of the corporate store has said that there's nothing he can do (which has so far cost them 9 additional business lines from a friend's company) and Telus likewise has reneged on their promise to 'make things right'.

    The good news is that I will get 2 gigs of additional data and a 10% discount from the retail rates by signing up with Desjardins, a Quebec-based co-op bank for an account - and then I was given about $800 in discounts over the term to soften the blow from Rogers - though over the term I will still be paying about $800 more to Rogers than Bell had quoted to me and that Telus had promised to match.

    The rep I dealt with at Rogers the last time around did say that a discount of $10/line for a year that they offered MIGHT be renewable for the second year of the term if I called back then.

    She was impressed by my loyalty, at having been a client continuously for 30 years and was sympathetic to the various roadblocks I faced at Rogers and to what I went through with Telus - not all CSRs are the same, I must say.

    I am waiting for my billing cycle to come around before committing because apparently Rogers can't apply the Dejardins promo until the 17th of the month.

    As you can tell by the glossing over of facts, this last section was written after the very detailed beginning one - excluding all of the discussions that took place before Telus screwed everything up.

    I invested about 30 hours of my time since Friday the 4th of September through Tuesday the 8th untangling the mess that Telus created and resolving the issues with organising a new plan with Rogers - couple that to the incompetence of Bell's store staff, Telus' incompetence and the accusation of being a liar by Rogers, not to mention the lack of consideration for 30 years of paying bills to Rogers and you can probably appreciate my frustration.
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