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Thread: is porting a Canadian number to a US carrier possible?

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    Thumbs up is porting a Canadian number to a US carrier possible?

    Im currently with bell and have a canadian cell number, i like the number i have and was wondering if i switched to a US carrier can they port my bell number over?

    i know both counties are required to do number porting but i believe thats within each country, i dont know if that means they could/would do it between each other
    if not directly between cell carriers would it be possible to port the number to a voip service then from that voip service to a US cell carrier?
    (i dont know if that makes a difference i just figured some voip counties are international so that might make it easier to use them as a go between )

    anyway hope this doesnt sound to stupid


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    No, to both questions.
    Even though both the USA and Canada are the same North American Numbering Plan (NANP), it isn't possible to port a Canadian number to a US carrier and vice versa. The farthest you can go with porting is to the VoIP carrier, provided that they have exchanges to provide service to your local area. Your phone number cannot cross borders to provision service with an entity who has no authorization to provision service in Canada.

    When a US wireless carrier decides to offer and provision its own service in Canada they will apply directly to the Canadian Numbering Administrator for phone numbers and depending what province they decide to operate in, you will be able to port your phone number in.
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    No you can't on a mobile device, but you could consider, porting to a voip line and forward your viop line. There are many voip provider in Canada, and they are fairly cheap.

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