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Thread: I'm totally confused !

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    I'm totally confused !

    Excuse my ignorance =)
    I have an iPhone 5 that I have use with Virgin Mobile.
    I pay Virgin Mobile every month for service but I am not under any contact with them.
    My iPhone has a sim card slot, with a Sprint sim card inside.
    I'd like to try and use this phone with another carrier - my first choice would be Ntelos.
    Virgin Mobile has given me and unlock code for the phone but I have no idea how to use that code or if the phone could be used with Ntelos.
    When I have called Ntelos, they are clueless, about will give me an iPhone 6 for signing a 2 year contact.
    But, that iPhone 6 is only a 16GB, and I've been told that 16GB iPhones are not worth owning because of the low storage capacity.
    Help please !

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    The iPhones do not use unlock codes. Apple unlocks iPhones by placing them on a whitelist which shows the telephone as unlocked. What Virgin Mobile gave you was the Service Programming Code (SPC). This code allows you to enter information to program the telephone to work on a CDMA network. Obtaining this code does not guarantee that the telephone may be used on a specific CDMA carrier. The CDMA carrier decides that based upon the Mobile Equipment ID (MEID) of that specific handset.
    Earl F. Parrish

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