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Thread: Anyone Use the LG G Vista 4G/LTE Verizon phone on GSM?

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    Anyone Use the LG G Vista 4G/LTE Verizon phone on GSM?

    My wife broke her phone, she's on Att and since I read that all Verizon 4g/LTE phones are unlocked, would the LG phone work without modifying it? Will text and picture messaging work too? Comments on the phone in general are welcome too. Thank you

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    I don't know about that specific phone, but I was reading on another site that people were having a lot of issues using Verizon LTE phones with GSM carriers.

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    Yes, Verizon usually orders its Fon from the manufacturers configured so that they do not fully support the LTE bands for the US domestic market on the GSM carriers. They just give their customers enough to be able to take the phone with them when they travel overseas, not to go to competitors. You really need to get to know the details of which bands are required for which carriers and get the detailed specs for the particular phone. Or, buy a recent Motorola, Nexus or iPhone direct bypassing Verizon, those are compatible with all four major carriers, but of course you pay extra for that privilege.
    If you only want talk text and 3G data, then the odds are better it will work fine, it is usually the LTE bands that makes things complicated

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    apparently the Verizon LG G Vista does not have 2G/3G GSM

    only LTE band 4/13 support and CDMA 0/1

    will not work on AT&T voice or sms or mms.... at most you'll get LTE data in places where AT&T has LTE band 4 deployed

    get a new phone. suggest a Lumia 640 at $50 (if you're okay with Windows phoen) or low-budget <$100 moto G/E/?

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