I’ve owned an HTC Desire 612 for a month. It is a Verizon Prepaid device, running on TracFone. A Great combo so far.

A full battery charge has been lasting 5-6 days, but in the past 2 days a full charge only lasts 12 hours. Battery usage history shows ‘Sense Home’ at 86%. I can only assume HTC send out a bad update that? I've mad no other changes

After some research, not on Howard Forums, I uninstalled all updates to and disabled the ‘Sense Home’ app. The good news battery use appears normal, but all my screens were erased clean. Further research mentions that would happen. Learn something everyday.

My question.
What is the best method to stop/slow-down, etc. HTC Sense Home app.

Note: I deleted the HTC ‘blink feed’ screen the first day after purchase.