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Thread: 5 Days with the Nexus 6P – Day 5

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    Post 5 Days with the Nexus 6P – Day 5

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    I don't particularly like expensive phones. I made no attempt to hide my disappointment last year when Google and Motorola decided to go upmarket with the Nexus 6, and I'm similarly nonplussed that Huawei is continuing that tradition with this year's 6P. Slap a case on that premium metal body and it pretty much becomes irrelevant, and you're left with just another big phone.

    A big phone without wireless charging, without OIS. But with crazy-fast USB charging and the best camera sensor ever seen on a Nexus. A big phone with the latest version of unadulterated Android and an unlockable bootloader. Plus a fingerprint reader that you'll quickly wonder how you ever did without.

    It's certainly not the same bargain as Nexuses past; for that, there's the 5X. A more fair comparison would be with last year's Moto Nexus. And wireless charging aside, the 6P is definitely the better phone.

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    This photo clearly shows two things: (1) my Moto Nexus is in need of a good dusting, and (2) it's significantly wider than the Huawei Nexus. The 6P is taller, but that doesn't matter nearly as much as the width; operating the Huawei in one hand is a lot easier than it is with the Moto.

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    Here's another illustration of the Moto Nexus' girth. From left to right we have the 2013 Nexus 5, 2015 Nexus 5X, 2014 Nexus 6 and 2015 Nexus 6P. Sure, you get more screen with the 6—5.96 inches vs. 5.7 on the 6P—but the 6P has a higher PPI count and, more importantly for me, its big without being too big.

    It does bug me that flagship Android phones have a significantly higher resolution than either my desktop computer or TV, but maybe this just means I need a 4K TV.

    By the way, I had originally thought that this screen comparison might be instructive as to LCD vs AMOLED, but I don't really think it is—LCD seems warmer and/or washed out; AMOLED seems cooler and/or more saturated. No news there.


    If you're in the market for a new Nexus and can afford the difference between the 6P and 5X, you certainly won't be disappointed with the 6P. I'd advise you to upgrade to at least the 64GB version if you can.

    I wouldn't tell Moto Nexus owners to immediately abandon their sizeable investment. But the first thing I'm going to do when I get back to mine is to figure out how to disable full-disk encryption. As surprising as it may seem, Lollipop feels decidedly sluggish on that device after two weeks with Android M.
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    Man, what were they thinking with that hideous rear design? How in the world does that get approved for production?

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    certainly tis one of the nicest reviews I've read about Nexus 6p.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie500 View Post
    Man, what were they thinking with that hideous rear design? How in the world does that get approved for production?
    I'm thinking you've only seen photos. It's not that bad.

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