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Thread: Extended Black Friday Best Buy Galaxy Choice/ Noob Confusion

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    Extended Black Friday Best Buy Galaxy Choice/ Noob Confusion

    Happy Holidays!

    Haven't been around since the days of the Motorola e815. Still using a Chocolate 3, but might buy a Samsung Galaxy this evening. This is the current situation:

    • Four phones on VZW sharing 700 minutes.
    • My mother in law and I have flip phones on this plan.
    • My wife has an iPhone 4s with unlimited data, that she NEVER uses. Maybe a few megs per month.
    • 24 year old son has iPhone 4s with 2GB data, and judiciously uses half of that monthly.
    • I plan to have my son and wife swap phone numbers to make use of that unlimited data
    • Want to replace their smart phones with the offerings from Best Buy, and maybe get myself one.
    • I have no idea how to use these phones, let alone decide between the Note 5, S6 or S6 Edge.
    • VZW will change my wife's plan from Unlimited to 2GB if I take the Best Buy 2yr contract offer, so that's out.

    Questions are:

    • Which phone for my son? He's hard on phones, so it will need case. (Any point in buying Edge, when case will cover it?)
    • I've found these new Galaxy phones don't have upgradeable memory, so is 64GB enough?
    • I hate the tiny "keys" on the iPhones. Should I get myself the Note5?
    • What's the best way to finagle an upgrade for my wife without losing the unlimited data? She's not in love with the iPhone.

    Obviously, I have to get this figured out before Best Buy closes this evening. I'll be researching while I wait for any much appreciated replies. I kind of baled on the upgrade notion when I saw how much VZW wanted for these phones monthly. Changed my mind when I saw the Black Friday deal this morning. Now, I'm getting a crash course on Galaxy's!

    Edit: Perhaps I can buy myself a pretty, gold, 32GB Edge+ right now with the two year contract. Buy a used Galaxy on Ebay, and replace my wife's iPhone with it, then swap phones with my wife. That way, she keeps her unlimited data, gets a phone upgrade and I get a Galaxy with upgradeable memory. Any faults in that scenario?

    Edit II: Hah! I am NOT paying $500 for a new, or $300 for a used Galaxy Note 4! I'll just make due with one of our iPhone 4S being replaced.

    Edit III I know there are probably hundreds of people sharpening their pencils and pouring over these options to figure out my best option, but I've made my purchase. Came to the conclusion that spending zero dollars is more desirable than a few features, and my son will just have to make due with 32MB. Ordered the following:

    • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone Gold Platinum Verizon Wireless
      Model: SMG925VZDA
      SKU: 4472264
      Price: $1.00

    • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone Black Sapphire Verizon Wireless
      Model: SMG925VZKA
      SKU: 4417008
      Price: $1.00

    I called VZW to make sure I can change my wife's phone without affecting her unlimited data. I'll swap phones with my wife, then let her and my son swap phone numbers, so he'll have the unlimited data. I'll be out $70.00 in VZW Upgrade Fees, and $30.00/ month for data on my line. Maybe I can drop that to $10/ month for 75MB instead, but VZW probably won't allow it.

    Thanks Anyway,
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    i ended up getting the note 5 that $250 giftcard free with it...used it on the down i only spent $174 for the note morning i took it my $174 plus got to keep the $250 giftcard...used it to buy a 49 inch toshiba...basically for free using the giftcard...bought a note 3 for $80...tried it for a week then got a note 4 off offerup for $150...sold the note 3 for $150 the next

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