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Thread: Eliminating home phone

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    Eliminating home phone

    So, I'm looking to get rid of the $45 a month I'm paying for my home phone service as I never use it (I've had the call forwarding direct it to my cell for years), but I'd like to keep the # somehow going to my cell as there are many people who only know that #. I'm thinking that some kind of cheap VOIP would work for this. Am I right? Anybody have any suggestions, I'm located in Canada if that makes any difference. Thx

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    Not sure about Canada, I think you might be SOL for both Google Voice and ring to.
    However consumer device based providers like Obihai, Ooma, Vonage , magic jack may work for you. Lots of these show up in big box retail along with other phone related gadgets here in the States, Best Buy, Walmart so check your local equivalent. I highly recommend Obihai, cheaply available on eBay and work with Google Voice for free service except for a small 9-1-1 C, but again not sure how that works in Canada

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    Try Acrovoice ( for a very good voip service in Canada that will let you keep you current home number. We did what you're thinking of doing about six months ago and have been using them since with no problems.

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