Phone: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

I configured the native SIP dialer for a trip I took abroad, but now that I'm home I removed that SIP account and changed the dialer option to use SIP for SIP calls (not all calls). There is no other menu option to disable it altogether.

When I try to dial any number, whether from the dial pad or the history log, or even from a link, I get a menu pop-up that asks me "Call Using" and shows me that old SIP account long removed, or my SIM card number, and then I need to tap the SIM card to make the call.

Somehow, Android seems to think that SIP account is still there, but even clearing the dialer cache, rebooting, toggling SIP options, etc., won't get rid of this annoying menu option. How can I turn this off? I've removed any SIP dialers including Google Hangouts. I definitely do not want to reset the phone and start over, so I hope there is an easy fix for this?

I have 3 different Phone apps in my settings-apps-all menu, I've cleared cache and data for all of them, no change and the Defaults option for each of them is grey out. I've re-added the SIP account and removed it again, still no change.

I tried to clear the system cache, but not sure I was actually able to do it on this phone...the instructions online are not clear.