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Thread: A Few Questions!

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    A Few Questions!

    Hi There everyone!
    Names Chris and I've been eyeing the Keitai Community for a very long time, atleast ten years, and the interest to get one has always been there. I've staved off for quite sometime due to various reason but I think its finally time to make the jump. So with that I have a few questions!

    I've done a fair amount of research but in all honesty everything seems to be pretty outdated online; and my knowledge of cellphone, carrier compatibility is pretty iffy at best.

    So I guess what my questions are;
    1.) As of 2015, What Keitais are able to function on 3G/4G? I'm guessing Mainly the Android ones?

    2.) Of those ones, which can I actually use in North America? Obviously they're GSMs and require a SIM card so TMobile and ATT seem to be the only two carriers I can use, and honestly I am leaning towards TMobile.

    3.) Going back a bit to question one, the Phones that have caught my eye are the; SHF31, Galaxy Golden, Galaxy Folder, SH7128u, and some other various Feature phones; Which of these would actually function on a US Carrier Plan? Preferably with at least 3G?

    I really appreciate any assistance I can get. I know Its a redundant question you guys are probably asked, but I just cant seem to grasp the info myself.

    Thank you all, and hope to hear from someone soon!

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    Heya, well this forum is quite quiet these days, and I don't have answers to all your questions.

    For #1 however, I do believe the Sharp SHF31 as well as the two Galaxy flipphones (wow I hadn't heard of them, seems they're for the Korean market?) do support 4g. Stay away from the Docomo and Softbank android flipphones that were released recently, as they have 0 wifi support and no 4G support. Not sure how locked down the Korean ones are.

    For #2 and #3, you'll need to consult spec sheets (say, on gsmarena if their info is accurate) and compare with your carrier's WCDMA and LTE bands.


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