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Thread: Will basic phones every be popular again?

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    Will basic phones every be popular again?

    When you use a smartphone, you are giving up all your privacy .. especially those that are addicted to social media and cant live without their phone for more than 5 minutes ...
    smartphones make everyones lives much easier but at a cost of privacy ..
    Yes people say, i have nothing to hide ... the problem with that comment is that you dont care about invasion of your privacy and are willingfully giving up your privacy because you dont care about it ...
    i dont have a smartphone anymore because i value my privacy and dont everyone knowing where i am at every second of the day. Im not on facebook, not on instagram nor twitter .. i can care less about that social media garbage ... i dont want everyone knowing my business 24/7 let alone want to know everyone else's business ... my phone is a communication device to talk to people, thats it purpose.
    I have a kyocera dura xe and i love it .. no gps tracking, no apps, complete privacy

    And $1k+ for an iPhone ...??? Those that pay that much have lost your minds !!! And please dont say its only $25 per month because that would validate my above comment .. DO THE MATH ..
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    Will basic phones every be popular again?

    You’re quite right to be concerned.

    The other side of the coin, though, is that you can gain privacy with a smartphone. Almost all of my messaging and many of my calls are end-to-end encrypted with a combination of iMessage, Silent Phone, Signal, Whatsapp. I can’t do that with a basic phone.

    The cell phone has become an internet connected portable computer that happens to work as a phone. There are privacy downsides and privacy wins.

    Personally I am fine with paying $1000 for a portable computer that can access the internet from almost everywhere and with some pretty impressive security features, e.g. take a look at Apple’s secure enclave. If I keep the phone for 3 years, that is about a dollar a day - roughly a quarter the cost of my morning quad espresso. My iPhone 6s has been serving me well.

    I use it to listen to music and audiobooks on my commute, help me navigate places, communicate with other people securely (e2e encrypted), access my password safe, manage multifactor auth, get operational alerts for work (pagerduty), access my email, manage my fairly busy work calendar (plenty of meetings and deadlines, all this comes in electronically), deal with the sanctioned work chat app (slack)

    Social media is near the bottom of my list of uses. I refuse to even install the facebook app.

    Oh and every once in a while I even make an old fashioned PSTN voice call; maybe once or twice a month. I try to avoid talking to people on the phone, but sometimes it is a necessary evil.
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    I don't think they will ever be as popular as they used to be, but there have been several articles lately that talk about the rise of basic or flip phone use by millenials and others.

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