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Thread: Office stopped getting reception

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    Unhappy Office stopped getting reception


    Since a couple of months ago, our office stopped having reception on the Telus network. My phone is Nexus 5, but other people with other phones have the same problem.

    A coworker on Telus got an invite for the "Telus Extend" app and is using the office WiFi network to receive calls.

    I called the public-mobile support and was told that the network coverage in that postal code area is good, that it must be the building walls blocking the signal (but people on the Rogers network get 5/5 bars) and that they have no WiFi option.

    Other than changing carriers, what are my options?

    Note: the Hangouts dialer is not a solution since it does not let me receive calls, and I can place calls from the office landline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexo View Post
    Other than changing carriers, what are my options?
    I'll start with two:

    1. Fongo (over wifi)

    2. Fido (over Rogers)

    3. Skype (over wifi)

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    1. Fongo is a great option (free too)
    2. ($0.85/month) is a better option as their service is excellent.

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    I got a fongo number and set up conditional forwarding to it when "unavailable".

    It sort of works, with the following caveats:

    1. Sometimes I have zero bars, enough for the phone to ring when people call me, but not enough to actually connect the call. This case is not considered "unavailable" and the forwarding will not work. I solved it by turning on airplane mode in the office and then re-enabling wifi. It works but I have to remember to turn airplane mode back off when I leave.

    2. SMS messages are not forwarded, but delivered later when I get reception.

    Not ideal, but it works.

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