About a decade ago, my parent's moved their dedicated home Verizon phone to a triple play on cable. Unfortunately costs are creeping up, and I would like them to have the option of switching to internet only service. My mother absolutely refuses to give up her home phones and carry a mobile with her. She has one good reason, as cellular service is terrible in the basement, but the other reasons are just orneriness.

We have 11 phones wireless and wired phone connected into the network, in addition we have two DECT 6.0 multi handset systems (one with 5 handsets and the other with 3 handsets and a pendant).

Some systems won't work with that many phones, like: Can I use the PhoneLynx™ to feed many phones throughout the home or office? The PhoneLynx™ is designed to feed a phone signal to 3 standard home phones or 10 complete wireless home phone systems (base units plus handsets). This will handle many more than most home phone systems have.

I can't figure out if Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect has any such limitations. Is there some way to know? How about medical data being sent by old fashioned tones (like an old modem).