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Thread: Child labour used by Apple, Samsung, Sony & others in cobalt mines

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    Thumbs down Child labour used by Apple, Samsung, Sony & others in cobalt mines

    Technology and automotive companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Microsoft and LG may be using cobalt in their products that has been mined by child labour, Amnesty International says.

    The group researched cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where roughly half of the world's cobalt is mined. The metal is a key ingredient in lithium-ion batteries.
    Children told Amnesty International they worked for up to 12 hours a day in the mines, carrying heavy loads to earn between $1 and $2 US a day. In 2014, approximately 40,000 children worked in mines across southern DRC, many of them mining cobalt, according to UNICEF.
    On a brighter note these children still have jobs, unlike more and more Canadiens!

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    ^ that was bad. 1 week ban. lol.

    Hey not that many are unemployed *runs and hides*.
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