Greetings all, a newbie to this forum and for the most part the newer cell phones.

A recently acquired, new in the box, a Tracfone Motorola first generation Moto E XT830C. Have a couple questions so I'm going to shotgun them all in this post/thread.

1. The phone is currently activated and working through Tracfone and I am not too sure which carrier they use.

2. When I am first attempting to do is to find any freeware program that I can install on my computer to make an image copy/backup of my entire phone in case I screw something up. Does anybody have or use a program compatible with my phone as listed that does in fact work via USB cable via computer to phone wired connection? It is to note that I do not want to back up this computer to a website, cloud, etc. but, only to my computer.

3. Is the phone that I have able to be "unlocked" -- yes or no?

4. Is there a specific website or program that I should go to for a download in order to do this?

5. I have read about a phone being routed or not. It is my understanding that before I can do any modifications to this phone, then it must be rooted. Is there a specific program that I must use to accomplish this task if in fact, this phone can be rooted?

6. I attempted in the past few days with a few freeware programs I've found on the net, to load or place pictures on my desktop of the phone to use as phone wallpaper and I was unsuccessful. Can anyone direct me as to a program or to how I could do this -- copying or transferring a picture from my computer to my cell phone desktop? Thanks for any assistance