I am getting ready to sell my iPhone 6 Plus because I plan on upgrading in May but before I decide to list a price, I wanted to get a feel for what the most you would pay for this device. Plus* I have accessories, chargers, cases, original box, etc.

iPhone 6 Plus 64GB in Grey

Included in bundle:
-3 different style cases
-charging cable with 2 30 pin-Lightning adapters
-original box with original paper work
-Apple earpods (opened but never used, will sanitize before sale)
-phone stand to prop the device up during the night or whenever you aren't using it

I asked my phone-nut friend how much I should charge and he said no less than $500 for the whole bundle. Would you pay $500 for this bundle? The phone is unlocked, can be taken to any carrier. I have been using it on TMobile's network but it was purchased directly from Apple so there's no TMobile bloatware or anything like that on the device. It will be reset to factory conditions and "Find My iPhone" will be turned off as well as iCloud services.

You could consider this to be a "For Sale" thread but the sale will be delayed until May. If no one here is interested then it's fine; eBay will be my next choice. Let me get some feedback! Thanks!

PS The phone is paid off so you will not owe anything on the device.