So I upgraded from a Galaxy S5 to a Nexus 6P and while I like the phone a lot, I have a issue;

While my various phones all sync up with my car and provide contact transfer, only some provide messaging capabilities to the dash of my Dodge Journey.

My various Windows phones (including my Lumia 920 with Win10) all do as does the S5. For some reason the 6P does not. And I want to get it to work because I like the phone;

The telltale in the Bluetooth connection settings for messages does not show and Google support claims it isn;t compatible.

OK. This is a Marshmallow release; This is BT 4.2, maybe something's changed. So I went a borrowed a Samsung S7 which is also Android 6 and BT 4.2 and IT works.

Anyone have any ideas before I send the thing back to Rogers?


Point B:

The Samsung has a checkbox in the contacts settings to optionally limit displayed contacts to those with phone numbers . . . If the Nexus has a similar feature I can't find it and I have LOTS of e-mail contacts and they all show up in the car.

Rogers has offered an even swap out of the 6P for an S7 at no charge; But I'd prefer to keep the 6P (I think) if I could resolve the two issues.