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Thread: List of approved devices to activate

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    List of approved devices to activate

    I got a Moto X Pure last year and activated it with no problems because it was an "Approved" device. I broke it and had to have it repaired. When I tried to reactivate it, they people at CS were a little confused and pushed back on if I COULD activate it. I searched for an Approved list somewhere but couldn't find it. Does anyone know of a link or have a list of approved devices which can be activated? I know US Cellular branded, Moto X Pure, and Nexus models are OK but wondered if there is a complete list somewhere?

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    I don't think they have an approved list, a lot depends on the person on the other end. If you want more in-site, try going to Team USCellular, they seem to be a lot more active and most likely better to answer your question
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