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Thread: Is there a book on how cellphones work unlocked and locked difference?

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    Is there a book on how cellphones work unlocked and locked difference?

    Like is there a book you can recommend me so I can read about information on cell phones like locked cell which ones work with which carrier and unlocked cell phones can work on which carrier. I had to ask my friend about locked and unlocked cell phones since I did not know the difference between the meaning until now.

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    It is really quite simple. Locked phones work only with SIM cards from the company that sold you the phone. If you put a SIM card from another company in the phone, it will give you an error message when you attempt to boot the phone. Your phone may work for emergency calls (Like 911 in the US), but you will have no normal service.

    An unlocked phone will work normally with any SIM card so long as the phone model you have has compatible service. For example, my S6 Edge from Verizon is unlocked. It has multiple frequencies of CDMA, LTE, GSM, EDGE, and HSDPA. The only service it lacks is China Mobile's TD-SCDMA service. Over the past 9 months, I have used my S6 Edge in Ireland (3 with unlimited HSDPA and LTE data), Germany (O2 with HSDPA Data) and China (Unicom with several GB of HSDPA and LTE data). If you must have TD-SCDMA service in addition to CDMA, LTE, GSM, EDGE and HSDPA, the Apple Stores sell unlocked 6S models which have everything including TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE. This is the Model A1586 and Model A1524.

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