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Thread: 3G-only Phone for Page Plus. S3? Other suggestions?

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    3G-only Phone for Page Plus. S3? Other suggestions?

    I want a cheap smart phone. Phone needs to be 3G-only because I only use prepaid on Page Plus and they won't allow 4g devices to be activated without being on a $29.99/month plan. I get a $25 card and it lasts me about 3 months.

    I did have a Samsung Illusion i110 until it quit working. Worked OK. Some apps said it was too old.
    I do have an iPhone4 that I am currently using. I would just rather have an Android.

    I have been looking on eBay at Samsung Galaxy S3. (SIII?).
    Some seem to show as 3G only but I don't know how to sort through and find which ones are NOT 4G.

    Any easy search terms to weed out what will work?
    Any other phone suggestions for other phones that will work for me?

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    Most tracphone, straight talk, net 10 3g phones should work.

    LG L22C, L34C and L41C

    Iphone 4/4s

    Zte Quartz

    Alcatel one touch icon pop

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    Total Wireless phones will generally work too. Avoid the LTE ones and you'll be fine. Moto E was $20 new in store a week ago. still might be...

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    There is also the Moto G XT1028 that's running lollipop. Make sure to get a postpaid version tho.

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