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Thread: Performance of Huawei Honor 5X

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    Performance of Huawei Honor 5X

    I am looking for a phone with a fingerprint sensor and a minimum 5.5" screen. I am looking at the Huawei Honor 5X but I am wondering about it's performance. Some reviews say that it is laggy. I don't play games on my phone but most performance I need out of my phone is to run Google Maps navigator and Pandora simultaneously. I had a Oneplus One before that worked flawlessly with these loads. As a short term replacement for my Oneplus One when it broke I bought a Blu Studio X Plus which performs horrendously. I was wondering where does the Huawei Honor 5X stand with respect to the Blux Studio X Plus and Oneplus One.

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    Did you look for Huawei Mate 10 ? If no, then i would recommend you to have look at that before buying any other brand

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