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Thread: Phones with working Hotspot on Airvoice

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    Phones with working Hotspot on Airvoice

    I "splurged" on an unlocked Nexus 6 last Fall when they hit $250, expecting to be able to use the hotspot function, just like I do with my Blu Sport 4.5 running 4.4.2. But apparently Lollipop pings the carrier even with an unlocked phone and doesn't allow me to tether/hotspot. Searching here and XDA reveals some workarounds but they seem complicated and hit-or-miss. I'm on the $10/mo plan but my usage is so sporadic and generally minimal (thanks in part to the N6 currently doing duty on Ring+ 1500/1500/1.5 free plan!), it works out perfect for me even with data usage.

    Anyway, anyone know if this is a Nexus thing, Android 5+ thing, or something else? What are people using for hotspot? I'm looking for something with a good camera, Android OS, screen size 5" or greater and preferably under $300.


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    Works with my Blu R1 HD w Marshmallow. I'm on the $10 plan tho so not much data. Installed a firewall on my tablet to restrict data. May have to get a browser with more compression.

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