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Thread: Possible New JailBreak Coming!

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    Possible New JailBreak Coming!

    A Greek hacking team has posted a video that demo's their JailBreak running iOS Beta 9.3.3 with Cydia installed.

    They also posted this statement:

    "GSMagic Team is BACK

    PLEASE Be *patience* for public release !!! - GSMagic Team"

    The post above is from GSMagic Team's Twitter page it seems as if it will work on 32-bit devices and 64-bit devices, however it is unknown of any release date at this stage and all we know is that it may be coming soon. For those who don't know GSMagic Team are a Greek Hacking Team which released an Unlocker for the Nokia 3210 in 2003.

    Well, fingers crossed, but we'll see soon I hope.

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    Well this is strange.

    The Greek group that announced the pending JailBreak has now stated that they will release it by June 10th, or not at all! Here's the article where this info was cited.

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    Apple is expected to release iOS 9.3.3 soon.
    Earl F. Parrish

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